Subluxation Tuesday

IHealth frenzie

Thanksgiving is over, so let the shopping stress begin!  Millions of people worldwide will spend the next several weeks in a buying frenzy – determined to secure the perfect gift for a rock bottom price, all while sacrificing their health and their sanity in the process.

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Too Much Turgor

tugor balloon

Turgor is the scientific name for stiffness or rigidity within a tissue… a wilted plant, due to lack of water, has LOW turgor where as one with NORMAL turgor stands strong and upright while maintaining its flexibility.

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The Study of Death vs Life

Innate has left the building

One of the not so obvious, yet fundamental differences between the practice of medicine and the practice of chiropractic is that one spends most of its time dealing with death and disease, while the other, the full expression of Life.

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The Number One Cause

rusty tools

What does leaving your tools out in the rain, skipping oil changes and delaying trips to your Chiropractor have in common? Neglect…

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Sucking Life

Subluxation straw

Just like liquid moving through a straw, the energy of Life flows from your brain through your Nerve System and permeates every part of your body. The more “open” and unrestricted your nerve pathways are, the easier Life Energy flows and the Healthier you’ll be.

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Innate and the Three Bears

too hot too cold just right

Remember the lead character in Goldilocks and the Three Bears?  She didn’t settle for too hot, or too cold – too hard, or too soft.  She kept trying until she found what was JUST RIGHT.  When it comes to fighting disease, your body innately strives for the same thing.

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Hanging With a Healthier Crowd

healthy crowd

You’ve probably set goals to improve your lifestyle and get your health on track for the New Year.  The question is, are you hanging out with the right people to succeed?

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What If They’re Subluxated

sticky school bus

Imagine this scenario. You see your kids off to school safely every morning. As you watch them climb the school bus stairs and scamper to their seats, the driver gives you a subtle nod letting you know it’s time to cart your little ones off.  Everything appears normal, just another routine day.

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If You Teach a Kid

Kid and big pharma

If you teach a kid they need drugs to function normally, what kind of adult will they grow up to be? An empowered one, or a dependent one?

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Subluxations Don’t Take Vacation

get adjusted sand

Toes in the sand, not a cloud in the sky, 75 degree water temps.  Vacations are the perfect time to decompress, spend precious time with family and friends and reconnect with your soul.  What could possibly stress your body?

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