One Down, Life To Go

Eat Exercise Adjust Right

How many healthy meals does it take to lose 20 lbs? Or how many miles on the treadmill does it take to shed 5 inches?  Obviously it takes more than one, and you’ve got to stick with it to maintain the results. Well, the same goes for your Chiropractic care.

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Blueprint vs Builder

finger print blue print

You can possess the most beautiful, detailed and well thought out set of blueprints for a mansion, but without a competent general contractor to execute those plans, the structure doesn’t get built. The plan is worthless without a builder.

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Soaking Up Stress

Nerve Sponge

Your Nerve System is the ultimate sponge, soaking up all the experiences, sensations and stresses you encounter every day. Like a sponge, it can only absorb so much before it becomes over-saturated and spills stress into your body. The result… PAIN, SICKNESS and WEAK PERFORMANCE!

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Flies and Garbage Cans

dis-ease fly

You ever notice that flies like to congregate around dirty, neglected garbage cans?  You don’t usually see them swarming near clean ones. The same can be said for germs, bugs and viruses.

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Cement Spines

quikrete pic

You know you’ve waited too long in between adjustments when your body becomes abnormally stiff and tight.  Getting out of bed in the morning has become a major chore, standing up from a chair seems to take a millennium to accomplish.  Sometimes it feels as if you just swallowed a bag of quikrete – and it’s beginning to set up permanently in your spine.

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Adjusting the Brown Spots

Spinal reset popup

You’re proud of your lawn. You water it, feed it on schedule and try to keep the neighborhood kids off of it. But you missed a few spots with the fertilizer spreader and now dull, brown patches where the grass was STARVED of potential growth energy begin to show.  A similar situation can happen inside you.

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Alignment and Spark

life lines

Can a car with bad alignment still be driven?  Yes – but it will never steer to its potential.  How about one running on 5 cylinders instead of 6?  Yes, it too can get you from point A to point B – but it will never accelerate to its potential.

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Band Aids Don’t Heal

innate band aid

When you get a paper cut, the natural thing to do (after getting over the intense pain) is clean it up and put a Band Aid on it to protect it from getting irritated.  After a few days when the bandage comes off, the cut is hardly noticeable.  The question is, did the Band Aid do the healing?

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Feeling a Bit Rusty

Rusty Chiro Hinge

Does it take a while for you to get going in the morning?  Are you joints stiff and achy when you first wake up, and take a few hours to loosen?  Stiff, tired joints can leave you feeling and acting much older than you are.

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Flexible Like a Fiddlehead

Flexible Like a Fiddlehead

Young fern shoots are flexible and supple as compared to the old, fallen leaves and brittle tree branches that surround them in early spring.  The former is full of Life and potential, the later – devoid of it.  The same can be said for your spine and your health.

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