The Greatest CEO

Innate CEO

The world’s best CEO’s don’t make millions for nothing. Consider the job they have. Juggling a myriad of tasks, managing thousands of people, making tough decisions that could make or break their company…They have a HUGE responsibility and are paid handsomely for it.

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The Dow Jones of Healing

Dow Jones pic

Healing is like the stock market. It never progresses in a straight line. You’ve got to expect some ups and downs along the way.

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The First Step

First Step
It’s the New Year, and that time again for setting resolutions.  No doubt exercising more and eating better are tops on your list.  But are they the first step you need to take to make 2018 your healthiest yet?

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Restoration Care

subluxated eggs

Undertaking a restoration project can be a harrowing task.  Depending on how much wear, tear and neglect you’re faced with, it could take several months and a lot of money to get your rusted classic back to the way it looked in its glory days.

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Chiropractic Colored Glasses

glasses lens highlighting the word life making it colored

What does the world look like through Chiropractic colored glasses? Does your health shine brighter… are your relationships with friends and family more in focus… is your job performance sharper and crisper?

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An Important Piece

chiro cuisinart

It’s almost the New Year, and time again for setting health goals.  No doubt there will be a myriad of exercise plans, home gym equipment, and diet regiments to choose from to restore your fitness and vitality – but will you include the most important puzzle piece to make 2018 your healthiest yet?

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The Way We’re Wired

Source Symptoms Wires

If you present with pain radiating down the left arm, any health care professional would recognize the urgency of addressing the source of the problem (i.e. your heart) vs. simply treating the symptom (the pain in your arm) – that mistake could kill you.  It’s also the reason why Chiropractors focus on the source of your complaint and not necessarily where you feel it.

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Too Much Turgor

tugor balloon

Turgor is the scientific name for stiffness or rigidity within a tissue… a wilted plant, due to lack of water, has LOW turgor where as one with NORMAL turgor stands strong and upright while maintaining its flexibility.

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The Study of Death vs Life

Innate has left the building

One of the not so obvious, yet fundamental differences between the practice of medicine and the practice of chiropractic is that one spends most of its time dealing with death and disease, while the other, the full expression of Life.

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The Number One Cause

rusty tools

What does leaving your tools out in the rain, skipping oil changes and delaying trips to your Chiropractor have in common? Neglect…

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